Wouldn’t it be amazing to step in front of a conference room knowing you’re going to deliver a perfect presentation?

Shawn is the best Storyteller I ever met."

Vasanthi N.

Product Manager, Tableau Software

If you want to advance in your career, it’s critical to have the ability to influence without authority, sell your ideas, and persuade. 

Your public speaking and presentation skills become increasingly important.

Shawn Lipton, Career Coach

I will teach you a system to become an excellent presenter, so every time you stand in front of an audience, you’ll confidently know that you’ll delver an excellent speech or presentation leading to countless opportunities and catapulting your career.

One of the most important skills that every person needs to develop is to be an excellent and persuasive  communicator.  

Every single job description you read, contains the bullet:

“Strong Communication Skills”

  • Do you know how to connect and build rapport with colleagues, clients, and diverse stakeholders?
  • Can you tell a good story, translating data into something memorable and actionable?
  • Can you persuade in an effective and non-aggressive manner?
  • Do you have the ability to influence without authority?
  • How well can you articulate your thoughts?
  • Can you build trust?

These factors all translate to career success in the workplace and very critically to a perception that “you know what you’re talking about” and that you can lead.

Over the years, I’ve seen many clients see their careers derail from a lack of ability to make a powerful presentation.  

It’s essential from the very start of your career, but increasingly important as you begin to move up and start making presentations to larger groups company wide, serve as a subject matter expert, join panels and make speeches, and become well known in your field inside and outside the company.

Shawn was an absolute master at helping me define my "story" to appeal to a new employer.  I cannot say enough about his positive and creative guidance.

Colleen B.

Business Development, The WMarketplace

Working with Shawn really makes you feel like you have someone in your corner who's truly invested in your success."

Ian J.

Technical Project Manager, Facebook Reality Labs

Following are some of the results you’ll receive from The Trusted Coach presentation coaching program:

Tell stories that are memorable, make your points, and keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

Learn and apply the 3 C’s of storytelling – conflict, cure, and change- leading to more powerful presentations.

Develop a turnkey process, system, and formula making developing presentations painless and effective.

Learn how to develop powerpoint slides that serve as a tool instead of a crutch, enhancing your presentation instead of competing with it.

Master delivery techniques to avoid preaching, memorizing, and coming across as unnatural, resulting in your points being heard and creating a strong connection with your audience.

Develop proven techniques to control your nerves and deal with stress, coming across confidently and as the subject matter expert.

Learn the 5-Piece PARTS formula for creating compelling content, so developing a presentation isn’t filled with dread, but is  a process to master.

Develop techniques to create an effective roadmap, so your audience can easily follow your points, remember them after and make them actionable.

Master the art of opening and closing your speech with impact.

Certified World Class Speaking Coach

Experienced, creative, intuitive, kind, helpful and a great listener. These are a few of the words that describe Shawn Lipton. Shawn cares about every individual and without his guidance I would not be where I am today."

Natalya M.

Attorney,  Maze Law Group

The program

We will make this as actionable as possible where we will work through a presentation that you will soon give or know that you will have to deliver at some point down the road.  We’ll dive deep in to every component of your presentation:
  • Developing the structure
  • Creating stories to make each of your points memorable
  • Impactful delivery
  • Effective PowerPoint slides
  • Opening and closing
  • Additional resources to give you the confidence to deliver the best presentation of your life as well as have all the tools and processes to ace all of your speeches going forward
We meet via Zoom for four 1-hour sessions with each meeting building on the last.

We’ll take at least a few days in between sessions so you can implement the strategies from each meeting.

Cost: $1750 – this includes all of our meetings as well as detailed handouts that describe all of the formulas and systems in detail.  
(This program can also be done as a group presentation)

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