Would you like to walk into your next  job interview confident you are fully prepared to give your best interview ever?

Do you wonder what it takes to have the advantage of knowing how to nail those probing interview questions?

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Did you leave your last job interview feeling…

  • I didn’t do myself proud.
  • I could kick myself. I rambled on and on when they asked the “tell me about yourself” question.
  • If I hadn’t felt so nervous, my answers would have been better.
  • I wish I knew how to tell a great story about my experience.

Are you landing  interviews but not job offers?

You are not the only person with these feelings...
I’d love to show you how you can transform your performance.

Want to feel excited at the end of your next interview, maybe even smile to yourself, knowing you just gave your best job interview ever!

Take a look at some of the results reported by clients I’ve coached:

WOW! What can I say about Shawn that hasn't already been said! I really can't say enough great things about my experience. 

I was staring down the barrel of my dream job and went to Shawn for interview prep. We met on two occasions and it was really amazing how he turned my barely coherent responses into exactly what I needed to ace the interview.

Without Shawn's guidance I know I would not have been able to get my dream job.  

My experience with Shawn was so fantastic that I recommended him to a friend who was facing grad school interviews and was incredibly nervous. She also saw Shawn and loved her experience - and got into the school of her choice :) .

If you think you might need an interview coach, you undoubtedly do, and should absolutely see Shawn!"

Noah Tunick
Government & Transit Partnerships, Lyft

One of the best investments I’ve made in my career. 

Shawn is an effective and knowledgeable coach and helped focus my interview prep at large tech firms.

He is extremely knowledgeable and was able to help me anticipate what type of questions I would see in an interview loop along with refining my story telling approach to provide impactful stories that hiring managers want to hear.

I recently landed a a great role at a large tech firm and the lessons and support that Shawn provided unquestionably helped me achieve this."

Guillermo Ventura
Senior technical program Manager, Oracle

Great results, yes?

After working with thousands of people for over a decade and a half, I’ve figured out a system that works.

I’ve coached people who have landed great jobs at all the top US companies:  Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Salesforce, Oracle, REI, Boeing, Zillow, Expedia, etc.
And in all different types of roles: product management, data scientist, program management, sales, Corporate strategy, business development, legal, HR, marketing, software engineering, UX/UI, communications, etc.

Plus I’ve helped my clients get into medical school, dental school, nursing interviews, physical therapist interviews, executive director roles etc.

I’ve worked with new college graduates, early/mid career, as well as seasoned professionals.
Would you like me to take your stories and help you craft ideal answers based on your experience?

Meet your Interview Coach

Hi, I’m Shawn Lipton, the Trusted Coach

I have been a career coach for over 16 years, starting at Seattle University and then the last nine running my own career and leadership coaching practice. There is nothing I love more than helping my clients effectively craft compelling stories and promote their experiences and strengths in the most impactful way, ultimately landing an ideal job.

Let me ask you if you identify with any of these situations?

You sell yourself short. You have the experience, even if it’s minimal, but don’t know how to share it effectively.

You don’t understand how to connect with the person conducting the interview.

Do you forget to be yourself?

Do you look at job interviews as a download of information, instead of a connection?

Are you like many interviewees who haven’t thought about how you can provide value?

Do you know how to share your experiences in a compelling, impactful, and organized manner?


Job Interview Success:
The Ultimate Master Plan

The program will provide you with:

A step-by-step guide to follow from the moment you receive an invite to interview to ending an interview with the most effective questions possible.

  • Ideal methods to research and prepare.
  • Model turn-key answers for the most common job interview questions.
  • How to transform your interview into a conversation so you create rapport.
  • How to transform your delivery.
  • Techniques on storytelling.
  • How to deal with feeling nervous.
  • How to practice your answers effectively.
  • Live Zoom Calls with Shawn Lipton to receive feedback on your stories and ask questions. 

In the next five minutes you can have complete access to …

Job Interview Success:
The Ultimate Master Plan

The Program


What are Employers Looking for?

Three Essential Tips

Section One: The Essentials

Module One: Preparation Equals Success

Module Two: The STAR Formula Enhanced

Module Three: How to Effectively Practice

Module Four: Top Twelve Tips to Never Forget

Module Five: Dealing with Nerves

Section Two: Most Common Questions

Module Six: Establishing Rapport

Module Seven: Tell me about Yourself

Module Eight: Why this Role

Module Nine: Why our Company

Module Ten: Why do you want to leave your company or why did you leave

Module Eleven: What have you been up to (if you left your job for a few months)

Section Three: Top Five Behavioral Questions to Nail

Module Twelve: Time you had a conflict with a colleague, customer, or manager

Module Thirteen: Time you had a professional Failure (or made a mistake)

Module Fourteen: Time you took on Something Outside your area of Responsibility

 Module Fifteen: Tell me about your Greatest professional Achievement

Module Sixteen: Time you had to persuade someone to see your point of view

Section Four: Ace the Questions that Still Always seem to come up

Module Seventeen: Where do you see yourself in Five Years

Module Eighteen: Tell me your Greatest Strengths

Module Nineteen: Tell me your greatest weakness (or area for improvement)

Module Twenty : Worried about your lack of experience

Module Twenty- One: What Motivates You

Module Twenty-Two: Great Questions to Ask

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Job Interview Success:
The Ultimate Master Plan

to discover how to make a tremendous impact at your interview so you 10x your chance of being rewarded with the new position you deserve!

You may have been reluctant to pay for one-on-one interview coaching in the past but now there is a low cost online program that is no longer a barrier to your success.

Can't recommend Shawn enough!  Wow!  

He has been monumental to my interviewing success and as a result of his help, I landed 3 offers in no time!  Thank you Shawn!"

Ken Odem
Senior Manager, Digital Marketing, Icertis

I had an unexpected second round of interviews come up for a role that I was up for and Shawn was able to work me into his schedule. 

The main help I needed was polishing my answers and delivery and most importantly - have confidence in myself!

Shawn did a great job getting right to the meat of what I should focus on, was clear and straightforward. I felt really prepared going into the next round and was able to secure the role. Thanks Shawn!"

Erin Russell
Global Readiness & Landing Lead - Small, Medium, Corporate & Digital Sales, Microsoft

I cannot thank Shawn enough! I don't think I would get a job at Amazon without him. 

The recruiter told me that he referred at least 40 people to Amazon in the past 3 months but I was the only one who got an offer.

I want to share what helped me here. Shawn’s tips on the ‘tell me about yourself’ questions were great.  It not only helped the interviewers understand who I am and what I can do but also gave them an impression that I'm organized.

His way also makes it easy for interviewers to take notes as well, which helps them when discussing me later.

Most of questions which I practiced with Shawn were asked in interviews and I was able to answer smoothly.

Specifically, the very first question of the first interviewer (I found later that he was a bar raiser) was what Shawn made me practice in the coaching session so I was able to answer confidently.

He reviewed all of my answers and gave feedback on how to present, what to present and what not to present. He also reviewed my questions to interviewers and gave me feedback."

Noriko Chishiki
Senior Marketing Manager, Amazon

Shawn was incredibly helpful on my job search. 

I was able to sail through all the behavioral questions because of the prep work I did with him. It made a big difference.

More importantly, I now know that if I need to leave a bad workplace, I can do that with relative ease."

Eowyn Baughman
Senior Date Scientist, REI

When you follow each step of  

Job Interview Success:
The Ultimate Master Plan

I can promise your next job interview will be your best ever!

Here are the success tactics you will master:

How to create instant rapport with your interviewer from minute one.

A framework to successfully answer the dreaded question “tell me about yourself”.

The skill of internalizing (and not memorizing) so you come across as completely confident.

Communicating how you can contribute value to the company, provide solutions, and solve problems.

Being natural and avoiding going into “interview mode”.

Having an inventory of all your relevant experiences and being able to weave them into memorable stories.

Being yourself, professional but with a personal style so you come across as a “good fit.”

An enhanced STAR method for behavioral questions, combining story with structure to keep your interviewer’s attention.

The technique for responding to the other challenging question, “what’s your greatest weakness”.

How to tease the next question, where appropriate, so you can control the flow of the interview.

After making a decision to return to work post raising my babies, I knew that I needed extra support to prepare to return to the corporate world. I googled interviewing coaches, and hired over 5 different coaches. Shawn was the first person that I worked with, and he ended up being the best.

I was able to land a job offer in the tech industry with Shawn's support.

He was the most knowledgeable, personable, and was super warm and encouraging.

Some coaches were married to their interview plan, and it didn't exactly fit into what I needed. Shawn was one of the only ones who actually listened to what my personal needs, and customized our sessions to meet those. I would recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone."

Mia Kim
Program Manager, Microsoft

Shawn is superlative at what he does—he helped me to raise my interview game and land the job I wanted (not once, but twice!). 

Through our work together, Shawn significantly increased my interview competency and fluency.

He applies an honest, yet kind approach. Using real-world interview situations and questions, he critiques your responses to help you identify which strengths to highlight and how to speak constructively about your past experience.

I cannot recommend him enough.

Angela Argentati
Senior Product Manager, Zillow


Job Interview Success:
The Ultimate Master Plan

you get access to:

Video instruction on how to master your job interview superpowers so your next interview will be your best ever.

A Comprehensive, step-by-step workbook and complete transcript.

Job Interview Success Workbook Inside
Job Interview Success Workbook Cover

Access to the live calls and program for one year and 
download the videos and workbook for lifetime access.

Are you ready to ace your next  Job Interview?

The Ultimate Plan could change your career trajectory and bring you lucrative job offers.

Getting Started is Easy

Step 1.

Click the "Register Now" button and go through the quick registration process during which you will make your payment and create your own login credentials. This will lead you to my Career Elevation Institute where the Job Interview Success: The Ultimate Plan is located.

Step 2.

Follow the instructions in the Career Elevation Institute where you’ll access the videos and your workbooks.

Working with Shawn was the best and most beneficial thing I did in my job search.

At the time, I had been laid off from my job as a TV news reporter and was trying to make a transition in my career.

Before working with Shawn, I didn't really know how to effectively job search or interview. He helped me develop a strategy and identify my strengths.

He also went above and beyond to support me. I ended up landing an amazing role, and I know it wouldn't have been possible without Shawn's guidance. "

Alyssa Toomey
Senior Account Supervisor, Edelman

According to me, Shawn is the finest of the finest in career coaching. He is the best Storyteller I ever met. 

He is always encouraging and full of positive energy. Even though, he is my cheerleader he never hesitated to give me constructive feedback if required. He was always on point and without him, I would not have landed my Product Manager job at Salesforce.

I was particularly impressed by Shawn’s ability to bring out the best version of anybody by making them articulate their vision, strengths, and hidden talents.

He has the innate ability to see through your past experiences and help you develop an effective story. There were moments where I was awe-struck at how my own story turned out after Shawn’s insightful comments. He helped me to effectively communicate my stories and ensured my hard work and impact were always demonstrated.

Anybody would be lucky to have Shawn as their career coach. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone."

Vasanthi Neelagiri
Product Manager, Salesforce

Your purchase options:

Job Interview Success

US$ 197

  • Twenty-Two Modules
  • Comprehensive Workbook
  • Full Transcript
  • Step-by-Step Program
  • Preparation and Practice Techniques
  • Dealing with Nerves
  • Model Answers to Common Questions
  • Great Questions to Ask
  • Live Zoom calls

Job Interview Success PLUS
One-on-One Coaching

US$ 525

  • Everything that’s included in the Job Interview Success Course
  • One 85-minute Zoom meeting exclusively with Shawn Lipton,
    Creator of Job Interview Success
  • 100% tailored to your needs.  You’ll provide resume, job description, and
    any questions you want to work on
  • A critique will be provided after each response
  • We will craft an ideal answer for each question
    based on your background and experience
  • Surprise questions based on the job description
    with guidance on how to respond
  • An audio recording and transcript of the meeting will be provided
  • Time to discuss your specific questions and interview concerns.



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