Are you getting interviews but not landing the job?

Do you have great stories to tell, but they are coming across flat or unorganized?

Are you just unsure how to answer the ‘tell me about yourself’ question?

Shawn Lipton Career Coach in Seattle

Shawn Lipton, Career Coach, Seattle

I’ve worked with thousands of people in every stage of their career to develop the skills, techniques, and stories to ace their interview.

Shawn was a fantastic resource as I prepared for an Amazon interview (and I'm working there now). Highly recommended."

Gabriel T.

Sr. Technical Program Manager at Amazon Prime Air

During the interview coaching process, we’ll focus on crafting compelling and memorable stories that highlight the contribution you can make and value you’ll bring to an organization.

Practice questions will revolve around brainstorming your message and developing a technique to confidently answer even the toughest questions.

I cannot thank Shawn enough! I didn’t think that I would get a job at Amazon without him.
My recruiter told me that he referred at least 40 people to Amazon in the past 3 months but I was the only one who got an offer.

I really appreciate Shawn's coaching and would definitely recommend!"

Noriko C.

Senior Marketing Manager, Amazon Japan

Here are some of the benefits you’ll receive:

  • Learn one of the easiest ways to establish instant rapport so you can connect with the interviewer from minute one.
  • A framework to successfully answer the dreaded “tell me about yourself”.
  • How to effectively practice so you are internalizing and not memorizing so you can come across confidently.
  • Showing how you can contribute to an organization, provide solutions, and solve problems.
  • Learn a variety of delivery techniques and how to be conscious of pacing and use it to your advantage, coming across as natural and avoiding going in to “interview mode”.
  • Developing an inventory of all your experiences and weaving them into memorable stories.
  • Being yourself - professional but with a personal style so you come across as a “good fit.”
  • Understand the STAR method for behavioral questions, combining story with structure to keep the interviewer engaged.
  • Technique on responding to the greatest weakness question.
  • Learn a technique on how to tease the next question where appropriate, so you can control the flow of the interview.

I initially decided to work with Shawn on interview coaching because I was getting paralyzed in the interview process.  Shawn had done a lot of leg-work reviewing my resume and job descriptions. He was prepared, with an ability to quickly and accurately discern both my own goals and the goals of companies I am interested in. Shawn provided me with many practical, proven strategies to apply myself more broadly and he is adept with harnessing nuance, and current/relevant in his understanding of the market."

Ellie d.

Administrative Specialist III, Public Health King County

Shawn Lipton, Career Coach

I have worked with clients in a variety of roles and industries, including technology, finance, law, marketing, education, human resources, project management, product management, program management, learning & development, aerospace, communications as well as many others. 

Clients include seasoned professionals, new graduates, those early in their career, international students, and soon to be graduates.

My greatest strength is my ability to look at your background, strengths, experience, where you will be interviewing, and the position and provide model answers that successfully engages the interviewer.

Creating Compelling Stories for the Most Common Questions

  • By the end of our work, you will have an excellent (recorded) response to “tell me about yourself” and be able to confidently, yet succinctly convey how you can contribute to an organization.
  • I will provide a model answer for the specific company you are applying for and show you a method to successfully answer the “why us” question that can apply to almost every company.
  • I will teach you a technique to answer the “why this position” question with a focus on incorporating the key requirements of the position with your background.
  • I will provide guidance on how to successfully answer the “why do you want to leave your current position” question.
  • How you can honestly answer the “where you see yourself in five years” question.
  • I will explain techniques and provide model answers based on YOUR experience on how to create DRAMA in your story telling, so you’re memorable.

Shawn and I met for one session to focus on interview prep, I had been getting to many final round interviews and then not getting an offer. We dove into actual role playing where I'd answer a question and he'd give feedback immediately and in a clear but non confrontational way - which I appreciated. Shawn feels like he is on your side and promotes a good attitude to help teach you plus give you more confidence for your interview. I highly recommend Shawn."

Scott S.

Principal Product Marketing Manager, Qualtrics

Don’t leave it up to Trial and Error!!

Sign up for one of the follow packages:

Basic Package

One 90-Minute Meeting


  • Answers to the most common interview questions.
  • Structures and techniques to develop compelling answers.
  • Techniques to improve delivery.
  • Specific tools on how to deal with nerves.
  • List of common interview questions and specific questions based on the roles you’re applying to.
  • List of questions to ask.
  • Cheat sheet of key techniques.
  • Recording of our meeting.
  • Everything else mentioned above.

Cost: US$375.00 


One 90-Minute Meeting
Two 60-Minute Meeting


  • Everything from the Standard Package.
  • 3rd meeting will involve developing a networking strategy to discover the secrets to tapping into the hidden job market.
  • Techniques to connect with people who can be advocates or for informational interviews.
  • Questions to ask in informational interviews.
  • Template and examples of drafting an effective LinkedIn message.
  • Learn how to maintain contacts for the long term so you never have to look for a job again

Cost: US$850.00 

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