The opponent within one’s own head is the most formidable.” ~ Timothy Gallwey

Are you having difficulty setting goals and staying motivated to achieve them?

Are you having conflicts at work or communication problems and unaware how to resolve them?

At the Trusted Coach, we focus on future possibilities and unlocking your potential so you can achieve your professional goals and operate at a level beyond what you may have considered possible.

I’ll help you identify blinds spots, leadership gaps, and how to develop the competencies to succeed?

We focus on five areas to help you thrive
in your career:

Identify your natural abilities, strengths, and motivations so you can match your skills with ideal roles.

Setting goals and providing the accountability to achieve them.

Understanding the most important leadership competencies and developing methods to improve them.

Exploring every aspect of your emotional intelligence and developing strategies for growth.

Establishing trust and the motivations at the core of how you communicate when at your best and in conflict.

I had a great experience working with Shawn and highly recommend him. He is an asset in my professional growth as a coach and mentor. He cares about his clients and regularly checks in. If anyone is looking for professional guidance, don't hesitate to call Shawn."

Stuart S.

Territory Manager, Skechers

Coaching Benefits

  • Realizing what aspects of your communication style trigger another’s reaction that leads to misunderstanding, improving relationships and results.
  • Learn models to successfully deal with self-limiting beliefs to overcome potential blind spots impacting your success.
  • Establish goals and understand the “why” and “what” behind them, enabling you to deliver outstanding results.
  • Understanding your conflict triggers, leading to more productive interactions with stakeholders.
  • Identify leadership strengths, areas for improvement, and when they’re overdone, so you can advance more quickly and confidently lead.
  • Improve your relationships by starting to understand what makes people tick.
  • Develop abilities in the core areas of Emotional Intelligence: Stress Management, Self-Perception, Self-Expression, Decision Making, and Interpersonal Skills; creating more productive relationships and better results.

I hit a rough patch in my career about 20 years into it.  I wasn't sure what I wanted, where I fit, what my direction should be.  

I approached Shawn and immediately I had high hopes that he could help me get back on track.  Sure enough, since then I have left my old job and am now working at my favorite job of all the jobs comprising my career and have been doing so for over a year.  

I really liked Shawn's approach that was data-based but very human. I would highly recommend The Trusted Coach to anyone looking for guidance to assess, change, optimize, or establish their career path."

Carl R.

Senior Site Reliability Engineer, Twitter

A Typical Coaching Package Includes Eight Sessions

First Meeting

We’ll do a deep dive into what’s important to you.  I’ll have you answer 15 questions in advance that will explore how you define worthwhile work, when you’ve been in a state of flow, what’s the impact you want to make, and your purpose.  I’ll also have you do a couple of exercises exploring your core values and professional motivations.

Second Meeting

The second meeting will focus on Emotional Intelligence (EQ).  You’ll take an assessment that will identify your EQ in five key areas: Self-Perception, Stress Management, Decision Making, Self-Expression, and Interpersonal.  We’ll discuss how to improve certain facets, when they may be overused, and how they complement or are in conflict with each other.  This work will be incorporated in to all of our future meetings and we’ll develop concrete actions plans as we move forward.

Third Meeting

In this meeting we’ll begin to explore leadership competencies.  I’ll have you do an exercise where you identify areas of strength, growth, importance, and when a competency may be overused.  Competencies include: managing complexity, balancing stakeholder needs, cultivating innovation, managing conflict, developing a strategic mindset, managing ambiguity, persuading, and many more.  We’ll develop methods to improve in these areas and incorporate this work into our overall goal setting.

Fourth Meeting

We’ll continue our work on leadership competencies and incorporate work around developing a growth mindset, dealing with setbacks, and building resilience.  

Fifth Meeting

Our fifth meeting with focus on developing strong presentation skills. One of the absolute keys to success is having the ability to influence without authority, selling your ideas, and persuading.  As you continue to develop your career, your speaking and presentation skills become increasingly important. In this meeting, we’ll start the process of learning how to tell an impactful story.  We’ll get into role and work on delivery, content creation, and messaging.  We’ll also focus on how to effectively deal with and overcome nerves and rejection of your ideas.

Sixth Meeting

In this meeting, I will have you take the Core Strengths assessment which focuses on the motivations that impact communication when you are at your best and when you’re in conflict.  Our discussion will focus on your conflict triggers and how your communication changes when in conflict and how to proactively resolve conflict and adjust your style based on the communication style of the person you are working with.

Seventh Meeting

We’ll take the second component of the Core Strengths assessment that focuses on strengths as well as overdone strengths and what that looks like. We’ll explore your work situations and how to utilize different strengths depending on the situation and when to borrow lesser used strengths in order to productively resolve a conflict.  In this meeting, we’ll also begin transitioning to our goal setting phase.  In preparation for this meeting, I’ll have you work through a number of goals worksheets and we’ll begin to develop the most important areas for growth and improvement.

Eighth Meeting

In the last meeting, we’ll focus more deeply on goals setting, creating specific action items and developing accountability so you can operationalize our work and get to the next level of your career.

Programs can be tailored to individual needs.

WOW! What can I say about Shawn that hasn't already been said!  I really can't say enough great things about my experience.  I met with Shawn twice earlier this year and it was really a godsend to have him as a coach.  

From the outset, Shawn was incredibly engaging and made me feel extremely comfortable. He is incredibly warm and from the moment you sit down across from him you know you've got someone that is about to make your life a whole lot easier.  

Shawn has years of experience as a coach and it shines through from the moment you meet him."

Noah T.

Government Partnerships Manager, Lyft

Whether you are trying to get to the next level in your career, are a new leader trying to develop a highly effective team,
or are in a career transition,
The Trusted Coach can bring you to a new level
of achievement and success.

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