The Trusted Coach

For career and corporate coaching, I charge $200.00 per hour.  Please contact me at 206-794-9576 or for more information. 


Leveraging Your Natural Abilities, One-on-One Interpretation

Cost: $475.00 


  • Discussion of how values, skills, and accomplishments relate to natural abilities.
  • Analyzing potential career options based on results and identifying potential ideal paths and goals.
  • Incorporating work experience or college major into the interpretation of the report.
  • Exploring combinations of abilities and how to leverage them.
  • Comprehensive lists of career options based on what you naturally do well.
  • Identify your problem solving abilities and communication style
  • Two detailed reports explaining your abilities and how they relate to potential careers
  • Highlands Ability Battery objective online assessment.
  • A 90 minute to two-hour meeting to interpret results.

In person or via Zoom 


One-on-One Practice Interview Coaching, 90 Minute meeting

Cost: $300.00

Interview coaching at The Trusted Coach focuses on developing well thought out stories about how you have the ability to do the job but also how you would fit in and thrive in the organization’s culture. During the interview coaching process, we’ll focus on crafting compelling and memorable stories that highlight the contribution you can make and value you’ll bring to an organization. Practice questions will revolve around brainstorming your message and developing a technique to confidently answer even the toughest questions.  The coaching will also address ideal questions to ask, how to effectively prepare, and how to successfully show you have a passion for the work and are an ideal fit. 

  • Learn one of the easiest ways to establish instant rapport,
  • Technique to successfully answer the dreaded “tell me about yourself” question.
  • How to incorporate your audience's wants, needs, and values in to your answers.
  • Identify and determine your key points and messages – showing how you can contribute to an organization, provide solutions, and solve problems.
  • How to be conscious of pacing and use it to your advantage.
  • Keeping answers succinct yet providing enough detail and substance to make them meaningful
  • Developing an inventory of all your experiences and weaving them into memorable stories.
  • How to effectively practice so you are internalizing and not memorizing.
  • Showing your passion and energy
  • Being yourself - professional but with a personal style
  • Practice the STAR method for behavioral questions.
  • How to successfully link back to the organization and showing how your background  matters to the organization.
  • Technique on responding to the greatest weakness question. 
  • Techniques on presenting yourself during phone interviews.


In person or via Zoom           



Networking Done Right: 90 Minute Coaching Session

 Cost: $300.00

Increase your chances of landing an interview with proven networking strategies.  You’ve heard that you have to network, now LEARN how to do it right. 

Topics covered include:

  • Leveraging the power of LinkedIn.
  • Finding contacts and reaching out.
  • LinkedIn messaging sample script.
  • Techniques to improve your LinkedIn profile. 
  • Methods on how to keep in touch. 
  • Successfully conducting informational interviews. 
  • Developing an effective story. 
  • Great questions to ask during an informational interview. 
  • Developing a plan of action.
  • More                                                        

       In person or via Zoom                                                                       


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