The Trusted Coach

For career and corporate coaching, we charge $200.00 per hour.  Please contact us at 206-794-9576 or for more information. 


Leveraging Your Natural Abilities, One-on-One Interpretation

Cost: $475.00 


  • Discussion of how values, skills, and accomplishments realte to natural abilities.
  • Analyzing potential career options based on results and identifying potential ideal paths and goals.
  • Incorporating work experience or college major into the interpretation of the report.
  • Exploring combinations of abilities and how to leverage them.
  • Comprehensive lists of career options based on what you naturally do well.
  • Identify your problem solving abilities and communication style
  • Two detailed reports explaining your abilities and how they relate to potential careers
  • Highlands Ability Battery objective online assessment.
  • Two-hour meeting to interpret results.

In person, via Skype, or phone 


One-on-One Practice Interview Coaching, 90 Minute meeting

Cost: $300.00

Coaching Includes:

  • Learn one of the easiest ways to establish instant rapport,
  • Technique to successfully answer the dreaded “tell me about yourself” question.
  • How to incorporate your audience's wants, needs, and values in to your answers.
  • Identify and determine your key points and messages – showing how you can contribute to an organization, provide solutions, and solve problems.
  • How to be conscious of pacing and use it to your advantage.
  • Keeping answers succinct yet providing enough detail and substance to make them meaningful
  • Developing an inventory of all your experiences and weaving them into memorable stories.
  • How to effectively practice so you are internalizing and not memorizing.
  • Showing your passion and energy
  • Being yourself - professional but with a personal style
  • Practice the STAR method for behavioral questions.
  • How to successfully link back to the organization and showing how your background  matters to the organization.
  • Technique on responding to the greatest weakness question. 
  • Techniques on presenting yourself during phone interviews.


In person, via Skype, or phone           




Career and College Counseling 

Please contact us for additional information on comprehensive coaching packages. 



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