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“Success comes to those who do two things: identify and articulate their talents, and place themselves in positions to use them."  Peter Druker, the man Fortune magazine called the “most prescient business-trend spotter of our time.

Too many students simply decide on major based on an interest or by what careers may be trending instead of thinking about what their core strengths are and then identifying positions that leverage those strengths. 

My approach to college counseling is influenced by the extensive work I have done with new graduates and young professionals who could have been more thoughtful in their approach to leveraging their four years of college.  The program focuses more on determining what may be an ideal fit based on natural abilities and personality and then providing a plan of action on how best to utilize the student’s four year experience.  

There are four key components to my strategy in advising students:

Natural Abilities

Identifying natural abilities, learning style, and linking that to potential ideal career choices and majors.  Over the years, I have seen many new graduates who focused on what their passion was but didn’t think about what type of work they would do in pursuing that passion.  For example, passion for the environment comes up quite often in the Pacific Northwest, but what types of positions may be ideal for each individual in this industry.  The focus should not be on passion, but instead on strengths, building skills, and leveraging the areas that comes most naturally to a student.  From there, you have clarity about the potential role and can pursue those roles within an industry of interest. 

The ideal way to determine natural abilities, learning style, and potential paths is by taking the Highlands Ability Battery.  The Highlands Ability Battery is the code that cracks open your awareness of your unique talents. The report is a road map for personal development and success. After gaining an understanding and appreciation of your abilities, we will look for paths where we can leverage those talents. Your best bet for success comes from building on the talents that come most naturally to you, instead of trying to “fix” your lesser talents and become someone you’re not.

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As a soon to be college student, one important factor in determining what may be an ideal major and career fit is to understand your personality.  Where do you derive energy, how do you process information, what strategies do you use in decision making, and how do you like to experience the world around you? 

These considerations should be considered in determining your major and thinking how that will impact the steps you take once you graduate. 

A critical component in determining career success is to find a job where you can genuinely and truly be yourself and leverage your personality to thrive in an occupation that needs and appreciates what you uniquely bring to the table.  The right job makes you pop out of bed in the morning, it enriches your life, and reflects who you are as person.  It enhances your life because it nourishes the most important aspects of your personality. It’s essential to be in a career that fits your personality and where you get rewarded for who you.  We utilize the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to determine your personality and begin to explore major and career options that may be suitable based on your personality.

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Essay Writing

I have spent the majority of the last twelve years helping clients successfully tell their story.  Whether that’s articulating a broad and varied background, highlighting their college experiences that are meaningful to employers, or identifying strengths that clients weren’t able to see themselves.  Telling an effective story of who you are and how you can contribute to a community can be extremely difficult but it is the aspect of career coaching that I enjoy most and in most cases where I provide the most value to the people I am coaching.  

My approach to advising on college essays starts with a brainstorming process where I help students unpack their experiences and identify what may be most compelling and interesting to Admissions Officers.  This will involve guidance on how the essay can be structured, readability, storytelling, adding some drama, and finally providing editing for spelling and grammar.  

Work Experience & Networking

I will provide a roadmap and detailed checklist of the steps necessary to obtain substantive work experience and develop strong networking skills before you graduate.  This is the most important strategy that college students can take to position themselves for a successful launch of their career.  The majority of students do not realize the power they have as students to connect with professionals and are unaware of the fact that the majority of people are willing to take time out of their day to speak with, coach, mentor, and advise current students.  The key is that students need to be proactive. 

In addition to the four critical components, an overarching goal will be determining what school may be an ideal fit based on the above factors and many others. As part of the process and meetings, school choice and the important factors that determine what may be ideal will be discussed in depth. I can also offer interviewing coaching if you are applying to schools where that is part of the decision making process.


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