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shawn lipton photoShawn Lipton is the founder of The Trusted Coach.  As a Certified Master Coach from the Behavioral Coaching Institute, he has been advising students and professionals about how to effectively develop their career for the last twelve years.  He has coached thousands of individuals in developing strategies and the requisite motivation to land their ideal job and successfully develop their career.

In addition, Shawn is a Master Practitioner in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator personality assessment and certified to administer the Highlands Ability Battery.  Using a variety of techniques that focus on leveraging personality differences and utilizing an individuals strengths and natural abilities, Shawn works with teams and leaders to improve productivity, morale, and overall team effectiveness and cohesiveness.

The third component of Shawn’s expertise involves teaching companies on how to effectively communicate with the Chinese.  Over the last two decades Shawn has spent a considerable amount of time working in China and Taiwan and conducting business on behalf of U.S. institutions. Shawn went to Taiwan as a recent college graduate looking to earn a living teaching English and fell in love with the Chinese language, culture, and people. An initial plan of spending three months saving money and then continuing a backpacking journey through South-East Asia turned in to 2 1/2 years in Taiwan as well as another year traveling in Asia.

He speaks Mandarin Chinese fluently. 

Shawn is the author of two books: China’s Master Plan, a fictional novel about corporate espionage and 50 Proven Networking Tips for Career Development Success.

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Phone: 206-794-9576

Address: Impact Hub Seattle, 220 Second Ave. South, Seattle, WA 98104 (not a mailing address, just for client meetings)



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